The IT Securirty Group (ITSG)

ISO 27001 Consulting Services:

AXISIT has enhanced its service portfolio by constituting the I-Sec G which is the consulting arm and which undertakes Information Security Management Services (ISMS). The I-Sec G enables customers to select and deploy relevant ISO 27001 controls and best practices within their environment.

Key components of this service include:
  1. Threat & Risk Assessment
  2. Creation of ISMS Framework: ISMS design based on ISO 27001 guidelines that are vendor & technology independent

The above components can be offered in isolation if certification is not the immediate objective.

ISMS Implementation:

The I-Sec G of AXISIT also offers deployment of the designed ISMS towards achieving an ISO 27001 certification.

This involves a two step process as mentioned below:
  1. Design & Development of ISMS Controls
  2. ISMS Controls Implementation

Since the certification procedure is well defined as per the ISO 27001 standard, adhering to the two step process is mandatory for driving towards the end certification.

ISMS Compliance Assessment & Audit

This offering ensures compliance of the existing IT environment and its management procedures with the ISO 27001 controls and guidelines for the enterprise security posture. The audit comprises of the following modules:

  1. ISMS Audit
  2. Asset Audit
  3. Security Architecture Audit
  4. Policy Audit
  5. Compliance Report

A pre-certification audit that acts as a real-time quality check and provides reassurance prior to the certification audit is also available as a separate service.